Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Chamber type sealers might be too bulky or expensive for the average user, but their impressive vacuum creation efficiency (99.6% and higher) makes them ideally suited to small businesses and home use where high quality operation is of utmost importance.

Also, while even the most expensive of external vac-sealers need to cool down after a couple of batches, chamber type variants are can dish out 40 bags in an hour and still keep going! Plus, the fact that you can control the length of the vacuum cycle to the seal and cool-down time allows you to customize the packaging operation as per your need.

Some Things To Consider When Buying A Chamber Vacuum Sealer:

SizeAtmosphere PackagingLiquid PackagingModern CookingVersatility
The larger the size of the chamber, the bigger the bag that will go into it thus allowing you pack more in less time. However, for smaller packaging requirements, a large chamber might need certain modifications.
When packing fragile food items, the bag not only has to be free of oxygen but also maintain a certain degree of puffiness. Here, an extended feature, like the gassing nozzle that pumps small amounts of nitrogen into the bag, becomes essential.
The conventional chamber design isn’t well suited to liquid packaging. So, if you are planning on using the appliance for packing soups and gravies, then look for one with an angular face.
For applications like ‘Sous Vide’ or under vacuum cooking, chamber type sealers are perfect. However, the bags used here are special boilable barrier variants and will therefore affect your recurring expenditure budget accordingly.
The chamber mechanism only works with bags. So, if you want more, then look for a model with an external hose attachment as it can then be used for vacuum sealing jars, canisters and the likes.

Our Top Chamber Vacuum Sealer Picks

Ary VacMaster Pro VP112

Ary VacMaster Pro VP112Average Customer Rating: 5-stars1st best review
At under $700, the Ary VacMaster VP112 is the most affordable and reliable chamber vacuum sealer designed for domestic users but built with a commercial intention using their top of the line motor and pump arrangement in a body that is both portable and durable. You can easily expect a long service period from this product.

ProsPros: Stainless steel body, heavy duty pump, motor with excellent reliability. Ary VacMaster Pro VP112 review
ConsCons: Kind of heavy and a bit expensive as opposed to external sealers.

PolyScience 300 Series

PolyScience 300 SeriesAverage Customer Rating: 5-stars2nd best review
Stainless steel construction, simplified pre-set buttons and now under the care of Breville – the PolyScience 300 chamber sealer is worth the extra 25% you pay for it now. Sturdy, reliable and backed by a customer service oriented company – you just can’t go wrong with this chamber vacuum sealer!

ProsPros: Excellent customer care, simple settings and options. PolyScience 300 Series review
ConsCons: Probably its size and heavy steel construction.

VacMaster VP210C

VacMaster VP210CAverage Customer Rating: 4.5-stars3rd best review
The VacMaster VP210C is a one-of-a-kind consumer vacuum sealer thanks to its chamber based design. At least 8 times as expensive as a tabletop sealer, this baby can pelt out over 50 bags per hour, configure itself to seal with any kind of vacuum bag and work with wet, dry items, marinades, clothes and whatever you can fit into its chamber.

ProsPros: Stainless steel construction, full versatility, total reliability. VacMaster VP210C review
ConsCons: Large, bulky and difficult to properly master.

SealerSales TC-280F

SealerSales TC-280FAverage Customer Rating: 4.5-starstop rated
The SealerSales TC-280F is a durable and tough chamber vacuum sealing machine specially designed and built for domestic use. However, it is a heavy duty piece of equipment that can be used commercially, and what’s more is that it is light-weight and portable, featuring an efficient and durable built-in pump and motor. Although priced slightly on the higher side, once you start using the machine, you’ll realize that it is pretty easy to get it going whenever required.

ProsPros: Lightweight and portable, heavy duty chamber vacuum sealer. SealerSales TC-280F review
ConsCons:Bulky in size and priced pretty steep, not suitable for domestic applications.

MiniPack MVS 45X

MiniPack MVS 45XAverage Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
The Minipack MVS 45X is an industrial grade chamber vacuum sealer, which is probably why the price is on the higher side. Nevertheless, it is designed for packaging food and non-food items, sealing the items quickly to perfection, and is also sought after by firms that package items like beef, fish, fruits, chicken, powders, vegetables, liquids and many other such products. Being a completely automated machine it requires minimal monitoring.

ProsPros: Heavy duty chamber vacuum sealer, not too heavy and features auto calibration. MiniPack MVS 45X review
ConsCons: Quite large and unwieldy, hence may not be suitable if it has to be frequently transported to different locations.

VacMaster VP215

VacMaster VP215Average Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
It’s time to bid goodbye to messy containers and welcome neatly stacked vacuum sealed bags. At an affordable price welcome the VacMaster VP 215 ideally conceived for domestic purposes or small commercial establishment. With a stainless steel body, 1/4 hp oil pump and suction limit of 29 3/4″Hg, it seals liquids impeccably. The storage bags provided along with the machine are an added utility advantage. It is bound to work for several years without any complaints.

ProsPros: Stainless steel panel, powerful rotator oil pump, high suction capacity, VacMaster VP215 reviewseals liquids and dry items, easy operation.
ConsCons: Heavy, not portable, fairly big in size.

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