External Vacuum Sealer Reviews

As a consumer appliance, external vacuum sealers are an absolute favorite. The two biggest plus points with this type of appliance is it’s ease of use and space saving design that makes it perfect even for the most busiest of kitchen counter tops.

Whether, it’s storing left-over food or bulk grocery purchases, a good external vac-sealer ensures packed food items stay fresh for longer periods (up to 5-6 times) inside the fridge. Certain sealer models may even be used to vac-pack other kinds of household items, thus eliminating the need to create a storage spaces in the house that’s free of dust and moisture.

Aspects Worth Pondering Over When Buying An External Vacuum Sealer:

Suction StrengthOperational VersatilityBag WidthSeal QualityWarranty
Higher the vacuum strength, lesser the time it takes to remove most of air from a bag or pouch. Also, a model with variable vacuum settings can cater to different sealing needs.
Pouches cost more than bag rolls, so an appliance that uses the latter will obviously result in higher overall savings. Additionally, if it can work with other containers like deli-boxes, jars, cans etc, then that in itself makes it versatile option to have in your home.
A wider mouthed vac-sealer can no doubt seal larger bags, but it can also prove useful in packing two smaller bags in one go.
No amount of suction power can offset the damage done by a substandard heat-seal. Plus, certain bags might require extended seal time or double seals even. So, consider these appliance features seriously.
Not all components in a vacuum sealer may be covered under the warranty. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the warranty T&C before making the purchase would save you the blushes later.

Our Top External Vacuum Sealers

VacuPack Elite

VacuPack EliteAverage Customer Rating: 5-stars1st best review
Considered as a top prosumer grade vacuum sealer, the Vacupack Elite features a large crimping heat bar that can accept many types of vacuum bags, can seal wet and dry items, is great with canisters, jars and to marinate or for sous vide cooking. This king of all vacuum sealers is expensive but well worth the investment for those who live off vacuum sealing everything in their house.

ProsPros: Long warranty, 50 bags per session, versatile, efficient and VacuPack Elite reviewthe best external sealer.
ConsCons: Large in size, takes longer to cool, not portable.

FoodSaver V3460

FoodSaver V3460Average Customer Rating: 5-stars2nd best review
Considered as a mid-range automated vacuum sealer, the FoodSaver V3460 is a perfect blend between functionality and form with the ability to marinade, seal canisters and wet or dry seal, it offers decent usability, ability to handle 11 to 8 inch bags, lots of configurations and dependability without costing too much.

ProsPros: Stylish and compact, marinade mode, canister sealing capability. FoodSaver V3460 review
ConsCons: Takes longer to cool down, irritating auto-sensing feature.

VacMaster DUO550

VacMaster DUO550Average Customer Rating: 4-stars3rd best review
One of its kind, there is no other vacuum sealer that comes close to the DUO550. Not just beautifully designed but also capable in all regards. Go crazy with sealing sauces, smoothies, gravies and any liquid without losing out on the efficiency of a conventional chamber sealer! It is as if VacMaster got bored making different types of sealers and decided to make one that is both external and chamber at the same time.

ProsPros: Stylish and compact, marinade mode, canister sealing capability.VacMaster DUO550 Review
ConsCons: Cost is a deterent

FoodSaver V3860

FoodSaver V3860Average Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
Definitely an upgrade over older models, the FoodSaver V3860 is a more complete version with fully automated operations. Just start the unit and let it seal, wet, dry food or even canisters and jars. If you feel the necessity to stop mid-way just press the start button once more. Works like a charm no matter what you use or seal.

ProsPros: Portable, easy to use, plenty of features and automated.FoodSaver V3860 Review
ConsCons: Some features have been removed recently.

Weston Pro 2300

Weston Pro 2300Average Customer Rating: 4-stars3rd best review
At under $400, the Weston pro 2300 is a reliable but massive vacuum sealer. If you can fit it on your countertop, you can use its large heating element to seal 11 inch bags or smaller 5 inch ones as well. Based on commercial grade designs, this Taiwan import is an awesome show of performance and simplicity. Whoever said vacuum sealing was a culinary art called sous vide? This vacuum sealer can seal anything as long as it fits into a Weston bag.

ProsPros: Heavy duty motor and pump, stainless steel body, large heating bar. Weston Pro 2300 review
ConsCons: Won’t work with canisters and jars, limited warranty period.

FoodSaver V4880

FoodSaver V4880Average Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
Looking for a non-bulky, automatic and easy to use vacuum sealer at a reasonable price for domestic purposes? The answer is the FoodSaver V4880. Loaded with high-end features like auto detection, two speeds of vacuum, two levels of sealing, a retractable handheld external sealer and LED progress indicators to name a few, this sealer is a complete package. With a complete starter kit, this vacuum sealer will fill the utility vacuum in your kitchen.

ProsPros: Lightweight, stylish, convenient, automatic, auto detects dry and wet FoodSaver V4880 reviewfood, external handheld sealer.
ConsCons: Initial difficulty in using the machine, activation sensor sometimes time-taking.

FoodSaver V3835

FoodSaver V3835Average Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
A brand new design from FoodSaver, the V3835 is an upgrade over the previous V2835 model and this one promises to simplify the process even further and save money in the long run. LED status indicator, loads of configurations and choices, automatic no-hands operation are a few of the new innovations evident in this upgrade.

ProsPros: SmartSeal automated sealing process, dry and wet seal, affordable, reliable. FoodSaver V3835 review
ConsCons: May not always read the bag, wastes an inch or so all the time.

FoodSaver V3240

FoodSaver V3240Average Customer Rating: 4-starstop rated
Get ready for camping trips, picnics and much more with the FoodSaver V3240. It is high on efficiency, great for powering multiple devices, compact and silent enough to be allowed on camping grounds. Much more affordable than top models from Yamaha, Honda and others, its 2,000 peak wattage is more than sufficient for most basic backup requirements or operating power tools of a good rating.

ProsPros: Decent performance, two AC and one DC port, Eco-mode operation. FoodSaver V3240 review
ConsCons: Not exactly 2,000 watt peak, noisy and no auto-reset button.

Seal-A-Meal VS107

Seal-A-Meal VS107Average Customer Rating: 3-starstop rated
The base entry level model from Seal-A-Meal, the VS107 is a simple lightweight vacuum sealer that boasts of an uncomplicated design with single touch operations. Those who are new to vacuum sealing, don’t want to bother with deep ideas regarding vacuum sealing will find this to be a decent investment. Just don’t expect the world at such a price range.

ProsPros: Comes with hose attachment, easy operation and decent price. Seal-A-Meal VS107 review
ConsCons: Problem with hands-free indicator, work rate is low on thick or large bags.

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