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On May 24, 2014
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foodsaver V4880 review

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Ever wondered if there could be one solution to all your kitchen storage problems or you wish you didn’t have to waste too much food throwing it away, wouldn’t it be simply great? Well, the FoodSaver V4880 is here to make this come true! Fully automatic in function, the FoodSaver V4880 detects, vacuums and seals the bag on its own. All you have to do is place the open end of the bag into the slot and your work is done. Accompanied with a loaded starter kit, dishwasher-proof drip tray, LED indicators and two levels of vacuum speeds, the FoodSaver V4880 is ideal for domestic purposes. Additionally, it comes with a removable handheld sealer to easily seal zip lock pouches and other containers.

Portability: 4/5

Not exactly lightweight but it definitely is smaller than many competing models and brands. The FoodSaver V4880 protrudes to the sides and is quite heavy but it is definitely easier to move around as opposed to many chamber sealers. Nevertheless, it is best used as a tabletop stationary sealer.

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Functional Versatility
Ease of Use
Warranty & Replacements
Rating: 4.3/5 (1 vote cast)

Easy to use and automatic. Not quite heavy. Dishwasher safe drip tray. Normal and gentle vacuum speeds. Vacuums as per dry or moist food. Provided with handheld sealer.
Automatic detection sensor may sometimes take time to activate. Improper detection may lead to wastage of sealing bags.

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Functional Versatility: 5/5

The FoodSaver V4880 is tremendously versatile. Its auto detection sensor detects the bag in the slot and seals automatically. There are two levels of sealing, which automatically detects whether the food is dry or moist and accordingly sucks out the air and seals the pouch. Furthermore, the FoodSaver V4880 has a retractable external handheld sealer. This makes it easier to seal zip lock bags, containers, jars, etc. If you are a fan of sous-vide cooking then the FoodSaver V4880 will be a very good option. It also comes with a quick marinade mode, which significantly reduces the time of marinating. The wine stopper also helps in keeping intact the freshness of leftover wine.

Design: 4/5

Attractively designed, the FoodSaver V4880 is strongly built and not quite heavy. It will add style to your kitchen countertop and owing to its sleek design can be easily stored anywhere. Since it weighs moderately heavy, it is portable. The FoodSaver V4880 is primarily created for domestic purposes or small scale establishments. The wine stopper on the top left corner is also a cool feature. The FoodSaver V4880 almost resembles a printer, and has a very modern look that makes it easy to blend in any kitchen.

Ease Of Use: 4/5

The FoodSaver V4880 claims to be automatically operated and requires minimal efforts. You have to follow the instructions in the user manual carefully, otherwise you’ll find it difficult to operate and the automatic sensor will not function accurately. This will lead to improper vacuuming and sealing and consequently there will be wastage of time and sealing bags. Hence, fit the bag in the slot properly and make sure the length of the bag is adequate. Also, remember that the content of the bag should not puncture the bag. The handheld sealer is also easy to use. Just pull the hose and press the sealer on the zip lock bag or container and your work is done. Initially, you may find it difficult to figure out the sensor activation and how to use it right, but gradually you’ll get the knack of it.

Warranty And Replacements: 4/5

The FoodSaver V4880 has a 5 years limited warranty. In case of any damage of any part, contact the customer support and they’ll do the needful. Replacements are mostly done without any hassles.

Maintenance: 5/5

Maintaining the FoodSaver V4880 isn’t a brain twister. To begin with, it comes with a starter kit containing 1 Heat-Seal Roll, 5 Quart size Heat-Seal Bags, 5 Quart size Zipper Bags, 1 Lunch & Leftover Container, 1 Wine stopper; this cuts down on your bag purchasing cost. The drip tray is not only removable but also dishwasher safe, so all you need to do is remove it occasionally and put it to clean. A point to be remembered is when using the retractable sealer, not to pull it unreasonably away from the machine. This may lead to problem is retraction.

Our Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Altogether, the FoodSaver V4880 has more hits than misses. Using it might be a trial and error method but once you get the hang of it, you’ll not regret buying it. With enhanced features like auto detection and sealing, two levels of sealing as per the contents of the bag, additional hose for external handheld sealing, LED progress indicators and rapid marinade mode, the FoodSaver V4880 is ideal for your kitchen. Lightweight, stylish and convenient the FoodSaver V4880 is a great product.

VideoFeatures and SpecificationsMore Pictures
  • Dimensions: 22 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Fully automatic
  • Auto detection sensors
  • Starter kit including heat seal roll, zipper bags, heat seal bags, wine stopper and containers.
  • Auto adjust normal and gentle vacuum speeds
  • Auto detection for dry and moist food
  • Retractable portable sealer
  • Marinate mode reduces marinating time
  • LED indicators
  • Removable and dishwasher safe drip-tray
  • Removal of air manually through Pulse Vac proprietary feature

5 Responses to “FoodSaver V4880 Review”

  1. Sandra Simmons says:

    Hi! Thank you for the video! Love it! I do have a question about the retractable sealer. My husband used it with the ziploc that comes with the kit. Marinade got inside the sealer. Do you have any tips about how to make sure it gets clean? I ended up spraying in there with counter cleaner and shaking it. But I don’t really trust that. lol. Thanks!

  2. Seth fayerman says:

    I bought a sealer specifically for sealing fish.
    I find that this sealer is very hard to use as the
    Vacuum pump only works 50% of the time. I assume
    It’s the slime and wetness of the fish. Is there a better
    Sealer that would work better for my needs?

    • Tom says:

      The trick with any watery product (fish, ground meat, fruits, etc.) is to par freeze them before vacuum sealing. Hope this helps.

  3. Jim says:

    We bought this sealer several years ago. It works great. But trying to use the hand sealer, it will not create a vacuum. Any ideas? Would love to use the bags for soups and sauces.

  4. Chris says:

    Can I use vacumm sealing rolls from another sealer .

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