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VacMaster VP210C

Our Take:

Not your average vacuum sealer, this is a top quality chamber sealer that is a whole different ballgame. Instead of sucking air out of the gag, the VacMaster VP210C adjusts pressure within the chamber and inside the bag to produce a perfect vacuum seal. By evacuating air completely from within the chamber, this vacuum sealer manages to produce a perfect seal all the time. Besides, its modus operandi lets you seal both wet and dry objects without the slightest damage or loss of food. Items such as marinades, soup or stew are just as easy to seal with this vacuum sealer as meat and poultry. Naturally, being a commercial grade prosumer chamber sealer, you can expect more controls and options. This needs a bit of mastery to get things perfect but with practice you won’t waste a single bag ever again.

Portability: 3.5/5

Weighing in at a whopping 90 pounds and measuring about 13 by 19 by 15 inches, the VacMaster VP210C is a beast. While it fits comfortably on my kitchen countertop, it isn’t the most portable of designs. In fact, no chamber vacuum sealer is highly portable because of the need to have a expansive evacuated chamber. Nevertheless, it is not as large as commercial grade sealers and doesn’t require space up front for the bag like with cheaper external sealers. So, I give it a good 3.5 out of 5 rating. Had it been a little lighter, I would have given it a 4.

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Functional Versatility
Ease of Use
Warranty & Replacements
Rating: 4.3/5 (1 vote cast)

Nothing but the best seal possible and perfect wet sealing too. Its got massive power, vacuum and great construction, to last a life time. This is the king of all vacuum sealers!
Massive size, heavy and bulky with a tendency to burn bags or produce a poor seal at first as the instructions are shoddy.

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Functional Versatility: 5/5

Nothing compares to the versatility of options and functionality of the VacMaster VP210C. For its cost, which by the way is about 7 times an average vacuum sealer, it does an excellent job with dry and wet items, marinades and even sous vide cooking. Three different heat levels, different vacuum levels and loads more configuration allows the user to tinker and play around setting up the machine to accept any kind of vacuum sealer bag. Unfortunately, the manual isn’t clear enough about instructions for the options based on kind of bag and quantity of food you seal. So, it is mostly a hit and trial method to get the functionality pinned to perfection.

Additionally, you can also seal canisters, cans, jars and much more as long as it fits into the chamber. Unfortunately, there isn’t any accessory outlet to use a canister sealing unit. But considering the size of its chamber, this won’t be an issue at all.

Design: 5/5

When you pay over $900, you obviously expect a sturdy and reliable design. The VacMaster VP210C is not just rugged in its construction but well thought out too. The chamber itself is massive and will seal large bags at once saving you time and effort. However, to seal smaller bags, it comes with ‘filler plates’ that can be used to reduce the space within and hence use less air to seal bags. This helps prolong the pump life, reduce electricity consumption and quicken the process.

Did I mention that you can also use any kind of bag with this vacuum sealer? Well, the instructions suggest using on VacMaster bags approved for the VP210C but in reality, a chamber sealer can use any bag type as long as you understand what settings to apply.

Ease Of Use: 3.5/5

Like I said before, the instructions aren’t clear enough so it needs a bit of tinkering. As long as you use the included bags and keep replenishing its supply, sealing with the VacMaster VP210C won’t be a hassle. However, try to seal massive quantities or use different bags and you will burn through a few before getting the settings right.

Problem is, without clear cut instructions, you will end up burning a few bags because of a higher heat time or crushing items because of a higher vacuum setting and at other times you will end up with a poor seal due to low heat time and vacuum setting. Once its dialed in though, everything seals up perfectly.

Warranty And Replacements: 5/5

Honestly, I did not even bother finding out the warranty and replacement policy for the VacMaster VP210C. Having seen it in action at a friend’s place for over two years without a single problem, I knew that it would last a lifetime. Actually, this chamber vacuum sealer is said to be capable of sealing over 50 to 70 bags per hour depending on the size. In fact, if you seal two bags at the same time (only if you can fit it in) then the rate doubles per hour. But who needs such speed? For me it simply means my sealing woes are over.

Maintenance: 5/5

Straight from the horse’s mouth, VacMaster customer support said their VP210C doesn’t require any maintenance for the first couple of years. Designed to be a self-sustaining unit, it suffers from hardly any occasional breakdown. And in the event something goes wrong, VacMaster is willing to repair it for you free of cost. So, total maintenance cost equals zero. Actually, all you ever spend on is the bags and electricity.

Our Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Quite simply put, the VacMaster VP210C is indeed a master of vacuum sealing. Chamber based design, superb construction, plenty of configurability and loads of sealing options give this machine a standout position among all vacuum sealers. Yes, it is overtly expensive too but then again aren’t all quality products priced higher than the average market rates?

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  • Chamber design lets you place the entire bag inside.
  • Produces vacuum in the region of 27 to 29 hg.
  • Perfectly seals liquid items such as stews, marinades and soup.
  • Will help preserve poultry, meat and fish for months.
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction with a dependable design.
  • Gain back your investment in terms of longevity and theoretically zero bag wastage.
  • Great for marination and sous vide cooking.

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4 Responses to “VacMaster VP210C Review”

  1. Steve acres says:

    I am looking for a vacuum system, with nitrogen gassing attachment, for large numbers of mason jars. What models would you recommend?

    • Mike says:

      I just use desicant packs with mson jars as they remove the oxygen but leave the nitrogen in the jar. Works for me with jars for long term storage, short turn just seal with a vacuum.
      Just my opinion. Good luck.

  2. Cherokee boyce says:

    I want to know the cost of the sealers for veggies and vegetables

  3. Cherone boyce says:

    Sorry patties and veggies

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