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vacuum sealer foodsaverWhat started off as a few reviews has now become a full-fledged community centered around one nifty kitchen appliance – the amazing vacuum sealer!

While we don’t have the time nor budget to purchase every vacuum sealer on the market, we do try and invest as much as possible into helping out the community. We try, test and review each product on our site, and put it through our own rigorous tests to help you make a better, and more educated buying choice. We rate each vacuum sealer on a number of different criteria, such as price, quality, durability, reliability, customer reviews and more.  Offering a rating system that is between 1 and 10 and rate each vacuum sealer using the above criteria and list our findings on each vacuum sealer review. We find that this helps people find the vacuum sealer they are looking for. Our aim is to provide a diverse and varied range of reviews, suitable for the budget of everybody and anybody.

We also provide extensive information on the different features to look out for. From our buying guides to our helpful tips, tricks and knowledge base, you’ll be able to further understand the many benefits of food sealers, and how to make the best out of them. Whether you’re looking for a domesticated and commercial vacuum sealer, or a sealer for irregular home use, we probably have a review on hand to help you make a better decision. Take a look around and feel free to post comments and even reviews on your own! We hope you enjoy your stay at!

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Vacuum Sealers – A Great Storage Option!

Tupperware, aluminum foils, plastic wraps and even the revolutionary ‘zip lock’ bags have one thing in common, in that all of them meant to be effective storage solutions when it comes to food. But, there is also a downside to them – none of them can preserve food products for more than a few days at most. In that respect, a good vacuum sealer becomes extremely indispensable whenever or wherever there is a need to store food and ration for a longer period without affecting it’s quality.

A vacuum sealer suctions all the air (and with it the moisture) out of the food storage pouch or canning jar, and seals the opening shut. No oxygen and moisture around food means the problem of microbes, mold, mildew or insect infestation for that matter is nipped from the bud. As a result, you are left with neatly packaged food with nearly five times the normal shelf life.

Furthermore, storing the same in a freezer will ensure that the sub-zero temperatures slow down enzyme action taking place inside perishables, thereby keeping them fresh for months. But, more importantly, vacuum sealed food don’t suffer from freezer burn and this is something that will be much appreciated by those who like the idea of storing frozen meat, poultry and fish in bulk quantities. In fact, it takes much less time to marinade meat and fish by vacuum sealing them as opposed to keeping them refrigerated overnight.

But, it not just food that vacuum sealers help preserve. Certain models may also be used for wrapping letters, magazines, artifacts, linens, and many other household items that need protection from dust and humidity. There’s practically a vacuum sealer for every preservation need out there in the market today. What’s required however is the acumen to understand your needs before purchasing one.

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