FoodSaver V3240 Review

FoodSaver V3240 Review

Crush Free Instant Seal helps protect delicate foods during sealing process.

8.6 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

The vertical design of the FoodSaver V3240 promises to save counter space while its automated nature helps simplify the process of vacuum sealing without wasting much bag space. Touted to be a user friendly design, this sealer features a simplistic control panel for ergonomic use.

About the FoodSaver V3240


Definitely one of the most portable designs from FoodSaver, the V3240 owing to its vertical design takes very little space and so can be stored under the cabinets, inside it or even carried along on road trips or for camping, as long as you have a small generator to power this baby. While it does require AC power, I still give it a perfect 5 out of 5 owing to its size.

Functional Versatility

Since you don’t get too many options, you may think this to be a less endowed starting range vacuum sealer. In all honesty, the options are limited to two speeds, either dry or moist sealing and a button to start the auto sealing process. Even the attachment to seal canisters works on auto mode. However, the unit is precisely engineered and so you can seal chips without breaking or damaging them. In fact, as long as you invest into the right kind of bags (not necessarily the FoodSaver expensive ones), the seal will always be perfect with both moist and dry stuffs.

The only place where the FoodSaver V3240 looses out a bit is with respect to its bag wasting nature.

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Very simple in its design, not many buttons to play with and limited choices might make some feel like it is not worth the investment but upon closer inspection you will find that this FoodSaver actually features a wider mouth and so can accept larger bags. Moreover, this ensures a better seal and less bag wastage. Furthermore, the attachment works fine and directly siphons off power from the motor and pump without the need to press any extra buttons.

The construction is plastic for the most part, which should not be worrying as it is a dense and lightweight. Actually, this adds to its portability and so I think it’s a good design element. Available either in black or white colors, both look elegant on their own.

Ease Of Use

While the instruction manual and guide were a bit rudimentary and won’t help beginners much those with experience will appreciate the simplicity of the FoodSaver V3240. First off, you just need to adjust the bag and feed it into the wide slit at the bottom. Once in place, select the speed and press start, which brings the motor live powering the pump that vacuums the front slit area first before sucking out air from within.

Unlike other designs, adding the bag to this sealer is simpler because you simply place it perfectly parallel with the markings and close the tiny lid on it to secure it into place. And as for sealing moist items, a little leakage won’t really make any difference as it all flows into the drip tray.

Warranty And Replacements

Some have commented that FoodSaver tends to forgo on many things in its warranty cover. However, the one year warranty on the V3240 is of a limited nature and mostly covers motor or pump damage and not damage due to overheating, improper usage and more. As for customer support, FoodSaver is alright in this regards, most of the time.

Compare to similar items


There aren’t any moving parts neither does the FoodSaver V3240 use advanced technology. Everything is completely automated, precisely timed and designed to work without user input. Compared to the older model that requires you to keep the start button depressed to complete the sealing, this one calculates time on its own. With complete hands-free usage, there isn’t much that can go wrong as long as you keep a steady pace of around 10 to 12 bags per session.

Final Thoughts

For the price, features and technology used, the FoodSaver V3240 is a highly functional and cost saving solution. As long as you don’t purchase FoodSaver bags and find a suitable alternative you ought to save thousands of dollars on food storage each year. Barely any issues with this design, it is in fact much more cost effective than many expensive external vacuum sealers.

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