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FoodSaver V3460 Review

Last Updated September, 2023 

"Fully automatic operation with 2 vacuum speeds."



FoodSaver V3460




Ease of Use

FoodSaver’s V3460 unit is a mid-range, countertop vacuum sealing machine that strives to achieve a healthy balance between form and function.

And just like the rest of the models belonging to the 3000 series, the V3460 too boasts of a higher suction power, a wider range of usability and easy to use features.

  • Pros: Stylish and compact, marinade mode, canister sealing capability.
  • Cons: Takes longer to cool down, irritating auto-sensing feature.

About the FoodSaver V3460


The compact, upright design of the V3460 vacuum sealing unit means that you can place it comfortably on your kitchen counter or even a small coffee table and operate it. However, given that the appliance needs AC power supply, it cannot be considered portable. That said, you should be able to operate the appliance in an RV or similar vehicle with power outlets.

Functional Versatility

The V3460 works equally well with pre-cut pouches as well as bag rolls. The built-in roll holder accepts both 8″ and 11″ wide bag rolls and has a cutter to produce customized lengths of bags.

Additionally, there is a vacuum port provided for the hose attachment, which can then be used to either seal canisters, jars, bottle stoppers or for quick marination. While the canister sealing function can be activated by pressing the ‘Accessory’ button, you’ll need to press the ‘Marinade’ button to perform a quick 15-20 minute marination.

FoodSaver V3460 vacuum sealer


The FoodSaver V3460 vacuum sealing kit has a very modern outlook – a small upright structure with all all-black exterior. The control panel is at the top and features more light indicators than buttons, all arranged within a horizontal strip spread across the face of the appliance.

The appliance door at the front opens and drops down to reveal the interior of the vacuum sealer. At the top is the bag roll tray and cutter and going down from there you’ll find the vacuum port, sealer section, and removable drip tray.

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Ease Of Use

Operating the V3460 is relatively simple. You choose a mode of operation (bag, accessory or marinade), prepare accordingly and press start. However, the auto-sensing feature only works when vacuum sealing bags, and by default, it is set to vacuum seal. So, if you want to perform a seal only function, then you’ll need to insert the bag’s mouth into the port, and quickly press the Start button.

We also found that it was much easier to operate the FoodSaver V3460 with the door open. This is because the automatic sensing attribute in the appliance needs the mouth of the bag to be pushed certain inches into the vacuum port to work. As such, opening the door and feeding the bag into the slot makes the job a whole lot faster.

The vacuum sealing and seal times are a bit extended with the appliance. So, if you are planning to seal a lot of bags, then it’s best to do so in small batches of 2-3 bags with a break of 15 minutes between each time.

Warranty And Replacements

This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty on build and workmanship. Certain third party warranty providers like SquareTrade do offer 2 or 3 year covers on online purchase of the appliance. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damage from improper use of the equipment.

Two components namely the arm and cutter unit and the upper gasket unit can be purchased separately from the company website and replaced, as and when the need so arises.


The drip tray can be removed from its slot to drain out any liquid overflow that it may have caught and then washed. This component is dishwasher safe but you could clean it by hand also.

The gasket surrounding the vacuum port too can be removed and cleaned to keep it free from debris. To extend the life of the appliance, it is advisable to clean the gasket once every three months and replace it with a new one every year. Still not sold? We suggest you read out other vacuum sealer reviews!

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FoodSaver V3460
Functional Versatility9.5
Ease of Use7
The FoodSaver V3460 is not a heavy duty appliance and therefore it is not recommended for frequent, high volume sealing requirements. Instead, it serves quite well for infrequent sealing of different types of containers ranging from the usual FoodSaver bags rolls and pouches to mason jars, canisters, deli boxes, and bottle stoppers. The marination mode is a welcome feature.

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