FoodSaver V3860 Review

FoodSaver V3860 Review

Extra-Wide Sealing Strip for the Strongest Seal.

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An upgrade on the V3850 model, FoodSaver brings much needed improvements that help keeping food fresher for longer. FoodSaver promises savings of up to $2700 annually if you buy in bulk and vacuum seal. This external vacuum sealer works automatically to sense the bag type and food creating the perfect air-tight seal. Even the body is redone with a chrome finish and remodeled sealing unit. Just insert the FoodSaver Bag, add your desired food to be sealed and watch it do the rest. This sealer comes with a roll holder, bag opener, cutter and retractable accessory hose. Included with the sealer are a few bags and rolls of different sizes plus containers to marinate and prepare for vacuum sealing.

About the FoodSaver V3860


This FoodSaver is actually pretty large, in fact it is larger than any of its siblings so I won’t exactly call it portable although you could technically move it around and seal on-the-go. Best practice would be however to find a sweet spot in your kitchen where it can sit patiently when not in use.

Functional Versatility

First and foremost, the Foodsaver V3860 isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade on its sibling, the V3850. Having reviewed it a few months back, we were actually quite eager to try the upgrade and find out what exactly set it apart. To start with, it obviously costs a tad bit more but for that extra amount you shelf out, you get a lot more too. For starters, this unit does a spectacular job of sealing wet and dry. Even bread is easy to seal as there is a manual stop button that immediately seizes all activities allowing you to cut the roll off and prevent collapse of any food that may otherwise loose its integrity if left entirely at the mercy of a vacuum sealer. Same goes for liquid sealing, no spills whatsoever, which was a bit of a concern with previous FoodSaver models.

This particular unit will also seal containers and canisters so no worries there.

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Design wise, the FoodSaver V3860 is actually a larger unit that other FoodSaver sealers. It features Chrome plating and heavy duty construction with less plastic components and more reliable metallic parts. As for portability, it isn’t as massive as a chamber sealer but it still is large so don’t get your hopes high with regards to carrying it to your neighbors place to show off, best to call them over instead. Roll cutter that doubles as an opener, ability to seal containers and jars all add to its design functionality.

Ease Of Use

The vertical design of the unit gives extra space to work around especially if you prefer making your own bags from rolls, which requires a lot of flat working space. Because this is completely automated, you simply have to feed the roll head in and wait for the sealing to finish before cutting off the extra roll left unpacked. It really is that simple. And with wet or soft food types such as bread, jams and so on, you can stop the sealing procedure before the ingredients get crushed. In other words, operating this machine is a breeze.

Just a heads up, if your food is wet there will be spilling so remember to work in an area where you can easily clean up afterwards. Wet sealing is not exactly this model’s strong point although it manages to do just fine.

Warranty And Replacements

The company has changed the V3860 over the years and now it does not come with a bag opener or those additional containers. Unfortunately the Amazon listing continues to advertise these things. So, don’t ask for these things as you won’t get them and it isn’t a mistake on the part of FoodSaver. However, if it is with regards to defects in the machine, broken components or anything else, give Amazon a call first and if they aren’t able to give you a solution, get in touch with FoodSaver customer care, who almost always deal with grievances and complaints immediately.

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You have the option of purchasing readymade FoodSaver bags or rolls to make your own bags. Everything you need to successfully seal bags, containers and jars are included with the product itself so you probably won’t need anything extra. As for wear and tear, FoodSaver units are known to last for a long time so as long as you don’t run a commercial establishment and overuse the unit, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Foodsaver V3860 is a reliable external vacuum sealer with automated functions and a simple start-stop button that makes vacuum sealing rather easy. Just don’t forget to keep a steady supply of rolls and bags for all your products

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