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How long can you store beef or poultry in a freezer, cheese or lettuce in a refrigerator and flour or sugar, rice or pasta in a pantry? Fish, beef, poultry and game can be stored in a freezer for up to six months. Foodsaver vacuum sealers can help you store them up to three years. Vegetables that can normally remain frozen and ready to use after thawing for up to eight months would be storable for up to three years with a Foodsaver. Pretty amazing, right? Foodsaver is in a category of it’s own. It’s probably one of the best known vacuum sealer brands out there. They have been around quite awhile and are well know for the superior customer service. We always enjoy testing out FoodSaver vacuum sealers because we know they’ll impress.

In addition, here are some more facts about Foodsaver sealers…

Cheese can be stored up to two weeks in refrigerator, lettuce usually goes bad in three to six days and berries will definitely go bad in a couple of days. Foodsaver helps you store cheese for up to eight months. Lettuce or berries can be good for up to two weeks. Rice, flour, sugar and pasta can be stored in a pantry for six months. Foodsaver can help you store these for up to two years.

Here are a few quintessential reasons why you should buy a Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer:

Foodsaver vacuum sealer helps you store your groceries and various edible goods including oils and wines. You can buy in bulk and stock up on them without worrying about how soon you can consume all of it. Many people who don’t buy in bulk often end up wasting some of their foods because of improper storage method or simply because one forgets to use every purchased item before the expiry. All such problems can be bid adieu to. Imagine the savings when you buy in bulk and don’t have to unintentionally waste food.

It is no secret that seasonal produce is the cheapest, freshest and healthiest. Crops that grow most months of the year or foods that are perennially available are not causes of concern. Even those you can buy when there are generous discounts and store. Being able to store and actually preserve seasonal produce for up to a year and in some cases longer is definitely life altering.

Foodsaver vacuum sealer comes with many accessories including jar sealer and bottle toppers. These are more utilitarian than you may think at the outset.

You don’t have to keep buying plastic bags or any such containers to store your food. Not only do these cost money but they contribute nothing towards food preservation. Foodsaver comes with enough bags to last several months and they are easier to organize in a pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

You can use various compatible containers such as canisters and marinates. Foodsaver vacuum sealer offers holistic food preservation and storage.

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