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How Effective is Vacuum Sealing?​

Last Updated September, 2023 

​Vacuum sealing is a process which is used to prevent most of the food items from breaking down when exposed to air. This storage method works well with the dry food items, frozen foods, and even refrigerated food. Some even use it to store other items like jewelry, especially the one made out of silver, since the vacuum would prevent any sort of tarnishing to occur while they are stored away in our closets. However, it is to note that this process should in no way replace the conventional heat locking system used for cans or the refrigeration or freezing of food items.

how effective vacuum sealing

​So, just how how effective is vacuum sealing?

​It is one of the most economical and effective methods used to increase the life of the items we intend to store. Especially, if it food then this method helps retain the texture and the taste of the items being stored. Some of the other benefits that the method poses are:

  • ​All important documents can be kept safe in vacuum sealed bags since they would prevent moisture from entering the bags and ruining the paper. You can also keep the matches, bags safe with this method too.
  • ​Things that are susceptible to corrosion can also be kept safe with this method. If you want to store something which is made of pure iron can be sealed using this technique.
  • ​It helps to pace up the marinade process in meat and fish which would give the food better taste in much less time.
  • ​Dry fruits can be stored with this method to prevent the moisture in the air from making them lose their crunchy texture and leave them with a soggy stale taste.
  • ​If you are worried that the oily food would give off a rancid smell after coming in contact with oxygen, then vacuum sealing solves this problem as well.
  • ​It takes up less space allowing you to store more in less space.

​This method has no downside to it except for the fact that the bags are not completely impervious to air. So after a couple of years, the things might start to get damaged since the air would get accumulated in the bag. Also, this method is not effective against the storage of the pointy object. While the vacuum channel creates a vacuum in the bag, the sharp edges can rupture the bag and allow air to enter.

vacuum sealed food

Important guidelines

Some people use oxygen absorbents with this process to further increase the life of the things being sealed. In case it is the food, then you might want to freeze it before sealing so the liquid doesn’t crawl out of it to break the seal. Same is applicable for saucy food. Refrigerate it before sealing so that the sauce thickens and loses its liquid form.

Although vacuum sealing works on mostly all kinds of food items but tries to store only the ones that you eat so that the effort and the food are not wasted.

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