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Vacuum Sealer For Applications Other Than Food Storage​

Last Updated September, 2023 

The aspect of a vacuum sealer being an efficient food packaging solution is what primarily drives home users towards purchasing the appliance. But, did you know that the same vacuum sealing machine could be used for a number of other applications? If not, then here are a few examples to spur your imagination in the right direction!

Metal Items

The problem with items made from copper, bronze or silver is that they tarnish over time. For those who know what it is, you probably also understand the kind of effort it takes to remove the tarnish and restore the affected cutlery to their original best. Those who don’t, this is a type of corrosion that forms on the surface of metal items brought about by constant contact with air.

As such, a more effective way to protect such items from corrosion or tarnish is to vacuum-seal them in strong vacuum sealer bags before storing them. This method would prove useful for a number of items like silver cutlery, small batteries, spare electronic and mechanical parts etc. While this isn’t exactly a complete solution, it does happen to be one that is long-term.

Books And Magazines

Paper products like old books and magazine issues also face the problem when they are kept in the open for too long. Even if you store them in sealed cardboard boxes, they are still going to come in contact with moisture and air, which in turn will produce effects of yellowing, mold growths and so on.

On the other hand, finding and using the best vacuum sealer for these items will automatically remove the effects of air and dust from the equation. Throw in a few packets of rock salt or silica gel into the mix and the aspect of moisture is also compensated for.

other uses for avuum sealers

​Other used for vacuum sealers

Important Documents

Of course, you can laminate important documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, purchase records, warranty cards etc to protect them from natural elements like dust, air, and moisture. But, in the event that the lamination gets damaged, then vacuum sealing the same proves to be a really handy yet equally effective solution. You can then store these documents in your safe without worrying about them getting damp.

Also, since you’d have to cut the along the seal to get physical access to the document inside, it’s quite easy to tell if someone else has tried to access these documents just by looking at the condition of the seal.

CDs And Related Media

Storing backup DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in their usual cases might offer protection from accidental falls, but it does very little in terms of shielding them from air, dust, and humidity. Conversely, vacuum sealing the cases in small pouches completes the circle of protection. The same goes for protecting vinyl records.

So, instead of having to rattle your brains on how to create a specialized climate controlled storage space, you now have an inexpensive yet highly efficient alternative of stowing them in cardboard boxes.

Travel And Emergency Kits

Toiletries, cosmetics, medicine bottles, and other similar products often pose a challenge when packing your luggage bag as the fluid contained in them can so easily spill out. The alternative, therefore, would be to vacuum seal these very items either in a batch or individually. These can then in your luggage carrier.

Similarly, before heading out for a camping trip, you can vacuum seal essential gear like GPS unit, compasses, maps etc. The same goes for items like matchboxes, batteries, wet wipes, dry set of clothes, and female sanitation products, all which of can be vacuum packed for maximum functionality and minimum space consumption in the backpack.

Disaster preparedness is all about having the right kits in your bag and vacuum sealing them can help immensely. For instance, you could vacuum seal band-aids, gauze tapes, surgical gloves etc into one compact package that will fit tightly into your mobile first aid bag. Similarly, a vacuum-packed kit consisting of rain poncho, space blanket, hand warmers, and spare socks can prove very handy in wet and cold conditions. You can see our other post here.

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