Minipack MVS 45X Review

Minipack MVS 45X Review

Digital panel with 10 storable programs

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The Minipack MVS 45X is an industrial level, heavy duty chamber vacuum sealer that is suitable for packaging food products and other perishable items in bulk quantities. This chamber sealer features auto-calibration and also has a digital panel with 10 different storable programs to reduce the steps necessary to perform repetitive tasks. It also has a built-in volumetric sensor and is protected against excess current passing through to the sealing bar. The machine is pretty large and measures 21.5 inches X 25.5 inches X 19.2 inches, with the vacuum chamber measuring 21.5” X 25.5” X 4.5”, spacious enough for packaging a variety of products without any hindrance. Being fully automated, you simply have to set it up once to complete bulk sealing. All you need to do is keep adding items to seal in the chamber with the appropriate bag. What makes this an industrial grade sealer is its heavy build. The unit weighs 210 pounds and is built using industrial grade materials making it sturdy and durable.

About the Minipack MVS 45X


Forget about moving this vacuum sealer, it is massive and heavy. This sealer is designed to sit quietly in one corner of your kitchen and churn out perfectly sealed bags every few seconds. If you don’t have enough space on your kitchen countertop, you may want to take a look at smaller chamber sealers. Moreover, this is a commercial design hence it will be overkill for most domestic users, unless you intend to market propitiatory vacuum sealed goods.

Functional Versatility

Being a heavy duty unit the Minipack MVS 45X is best suited for small to medium scale commercial activities. It is best for packaging all kinds of perishables that otherwise tend to rotten in a couple of days. This sealer can handle both dry and wet items with the entire process being automated thus removing the need for constant supervision or monitoring. The sealing time can be preset as per the item that needs packaging.

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The Minipack MVS-45X is designed and assembled in Italy. A major element in its design is the use of heavy duty heat-resistant materials. Plastics aren’t something you will find in this vacuum sealer and that naturally adds to the weight of the unit. Additionally, the seamless basin provides hygienic packaging with no risk of bacteria formation. The auto-calibration feature removes the need of buttons and knobs to control the sealing process, making it simpler and uncomplicated for even a beginner.

Ease Of Use

Although this unit is a heavy duty machine meant for commercial purposes, using this completely automated chamber vacuum sealer is incredibly simple. It can be operated by any non-technical person by simply reading through the instructions provided in the user manual. Moreover, help and technical support is at hand should it ever be required. It comes preprogrammed with a few automated programs much like a microwave oven. Hence, starting out with the Minipack ought to be easy. As for learning programming commands, the instruction manual is quite clear on that and more.

Warranty And Replacements

The Minipack MVS 45X comes with free tech support, offer valid for 30 days from date of delivery. Trained technical experts are available over the telephone on a toll-free number provided in the manual, to troubleshoot and support for configuring and connecting the unit, should the need ever arise.

And if you ever come across the need to call a technician or invoke the warranty cover, the same toll free number will suffice. Considering the industrial grade applications this vacuum sealer can achieve and the fact that it does pack in a lot of features, having more than a month’s free trained technical support would have been great.

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This vacuum sealer needs only minimal maintenance owing to its industrial grade construction and the fact that it satisfies industry regulations and standards. Moreover, the sealing bar, which is a vital and important component, is protected against surges in power supply. To make things simple and uncomplicated the commands can be preset, thanks to the programs stored in the digital panel ensuring that the food items and other perishable goods packed are protected against any leakage and have an extended shelf life. In other words, once you master the programming of this chamber vacuum sealer, you can forget about maintenance once and for all.

Final Thoughts

The Minipack MVS 45X chamber vacuum sealer is probably the best buy for people thinking of venturing into the packaging business, especially for food items such as fish, beef, vegetables, milk, vegetables, liquids, fruits and more. For us, the one feature that won us over is the ease of operating it. Most vacuum sealers are too simple and those with industrial grade construction tend to complicate things beyond necessity. The MVS 45X thankfully brings out the best of both worlds with simplicity in functioning and automatic calibration to get rid of complicated tasks.

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    Steve acres August 1, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    I am looking for a vacuum system, with nitrogen gassing attachment, for large numbers of mason jars. What models would you recommend?

    • Reply
      Mike August 19, 2014 at 12:04 am

      I just use desicant packs with mson jars as they remove the oxygen but leave the nitrogen in the jar. Works for me with jars for long term storage, short turn just seal with a vacuum.
      Just my opinion. Good luck.

  2. Reply
    Cherokee boyce September 30, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    I want to know the cost of the sealers for veggies and vegetables

  3. Reply
    Cherone boyce September 30, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Sorry patties and veggies

  4. Reply
    Brandon July 3, 2017 at 12:36 am

    I am starting a food retail business and I need a vacuum sealer for large volume.
    The VP112 and the VP210C sound great.
    Of those two, which would you recommend? The bags will be 9 oz of product, bite size beets.

    Also, is there another model that you think would be faster/more efficient?

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