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What You Need To Know On Chamber Vacuum Sealers​

Last Updated September, 2023 

​While vacuum sealers of just any kind are a blessing in disguise, chamber vacuum sealers are in fact a level better compared to the regular ones. Chamber vacuum sealers are used mostly for bulk packing. Besides food items, solid as well as liquid, these sealers can be used to pack non- food items as well. Although some might opine that chamber vacuum sealers are unnecessary for domestic use and are more of commercial sealers, nevertheless there are more than enough reasons to bring one home. They are as follows:


Between chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers, the former involves a better method of packing. While a regular vacuum sealer merely makes the bag free from air and seals the item, a chamber vacuum sealer, however, removes air not only from the bag but from the entire chamber as well. Hence, the bag is also entirely sealed and the content is almost a 100 percent clear of air. Additionally, chamber vacuum sealers have an ‘Inert Gas Kit’ giving the user an option of inserting external gases like nitrogen to replace oxygen in order to aid in a better packing of specific items, like potato chips. Apart from potato chips, there might be other food items, which require the natural air to be removed completely and instead remain in other gases.

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​Robust and Solid Construction

Since these sealers are built in a box-like shape and are made of high-grade materials their durability and performance is unquestionable. Even though they cost a tad bit more than external sealers, it is definitely worth every penny because in the long run, you do not have to spend as much either on replacements or repairs.

Fulfills Your Packing Needs

Chamber vacuum sealers fall somewhere in between commercial sealers and lousy portable ones and if you are one, who constantly requires packing stuff they are your most feasible option. Usually constructed with several chambers, it gives you the added benefit of sealing several bags at the same time. In short, with a much less effort, you can seal a lot more bags.

Ideal for Packing Solids and Liquids

Owing to its uniform suction and the fact that both the bag and the entire chamber are sealed, storing items becomes easier and lasts longer; particularly more so, because the pressure or suction force is applied on the bag indirectly keeping the contents of the bag unruffled. Thus, it is absolutely safe to pack any kind of liquid, like wine or soup, without the fear of spills.

The degree of Vacuum Can Be Modified

The best part about chamber vacuum sealers is probably its mechanism of regulating the degree or intensity of vacuum. Along with setting up programs for the normal vacuum intensities that you generally use, you may also modify the same as per the item to be sealed or as per your choice. All of this can be done with simple easy-to-use buttons.

Uniform Results and No Errors

An added advantage of using these sealers is extremely less probability of errors. Since the entire mechanism is automated and the suction force is uniform, the ultimate output is also uniform. The items are evenly sealed and as per the set programme, all the bags are evenly sealed as well.

Chamber vacuum sealers provide you with easy, quick, effortless and uniform packing. Furthermore, you can use these to pack clothing, expensive goods, crockery, important documents, etc. The only thing to be kept in mind is to purchase one from a reputed company so that you don’t end up with substandard products.

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