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Every kitchen has essential tools or appliances, without which the kitchen is incomplete. Whether it is a microwave, juicer, chopper, electric grinder or blender – all these equipments are a life-saver in a kitchen. An addition to this list has become the vacuum sealer. Exposure of food to air for a long duration leads to the spoilage of food. All containers are not really airtight and the ones that claim to be so do not always live up to the standard. A vacuum sealer keeps food airtight and fresh for a prolonged time, making storage extremely easy and hassle free.

However, before you purchase a vacuum sealer there are few things that you need to look into:

There are two types of vacuum sealers available in the market – chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers. The chamber vacuum sealer removes air not only from the entire chamber but from the sealing bag as well. It keeps the food 99.99 percent free from air. The external vacuum sealer is not any less useful though, it gets rid of the air only from inside the bag and keeps the food fresh. To put in simple words, it would be suffice to say that chamber vacuum sealers are more apt for professionals, who require packaging of food products in large quantities on a daily basis.

Storage Bags
To use a vacuum sealer you will need to purchase storage bags from time to time. Storage bags may either be regular plastic ones or ribbed ones to aid the easy absorption of air. Make sure to inquire about the compatibility of bag with the sealer. Also check the strength of the bag so that it can endure the sealing process. Some bags also have the feature of being cut down into desirable size, while some others are reusable. Storage bags are also available in rolls.

Featured Vacuum Sealers:

All basic models of vacuum sealers have two functional controls – vacuuming and sealing. Some sealers also have indicators, which show the stage or level of performance. Upgraded models of sealers obviously have more control options. Ensure that the sealer is easy-to-use, handy and not too complicated to operate.

Cost is the most important and deciding factor before purchasing anything. Not everyone can afford expensive appliances, which is why decide a budget for yourself and accordingly look for an affordable vacuum sealer. You might come across online advertisements or telemarketing gimmicks, which lure you into buying cheap sealers. Do not fall for it. Make sure you select a trustworthy brand because you don’t want to waste your money on low quality products. Vacuum sealers are an one-time investment and a good one will cost you somewhere around $250. Of course there is always an option of buying advanced models of a high price.

A vacuum sealer is a magical appliance, which does wonders. Bring one to add the Midas touch to your kitchen.

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