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​PolyScience 300 Series Review

Last Updated September, 2023 

"Three pre-set buttons reduces the amount of time you spend tinkering with the controls."



PolyScience 300 Series




​Ease of Use

Now, with this vacuum machine, you can do just about all kinds of sealing. From dry fruits and veggies to even liquid items. Not to mention the fact that marinate is a new option now available removing the need for you to precisely monitor the sealing process. Just press marinate and let the machine do the rest. Best of all, this machine does not have a complicated working mechanism. Just three pre-set buttons that you choose one from.

Unfortunately, the device does come with a sort of learning curve. It is not super-easy to operate from the word go. Take some time, read the manual and experiment with bags, styles and food items to get a hang of everything.

About the PolyScience 300 Series


Do not be fooled by the images because the PolyScience 300 is a massive beast and it weighs a good 55 lbs while measuring a whopping 14 by 18.2 by 11.8 inches. Quite naturally, this is a big machine and it needs a space of its own. Don’t expect it to slide under the kitchen cabinets or even stay hidden inside a cupboard. You have to find a place from where it won’t shift much. Best advice, find a spot that is easy to access but away from all the stuff you may regularly use in your kitchen. If you can’t find such a place then keep it elsewhere in the house – may be your laundry room?

Functional Versatility

All right so, as far as functional versatility goes, the ​PolyScience 300 Series scores really high. Fact that you can marinate with it, seal anything and everything – including jars and containers with the latest model as well as the excellent return policy on the device allows you to abuse the machine a bit (don’t do it please?). Just remember that it isn’t an external vacuum sealer so do not expect amazing results trying to seal liquid items in vacuum bags. Traditionally chamber sealers are not good with pure liquid items.

PolyScience 300 Series review


​Stainless steel construction anyone? Is there any other way to make something bombproof? We think not. Yup, it is big and bulky, takes a lot of space but the design is such that you can do a lot with it. Simple controls with just three pre-set buttons reduce the amount of time you spend tinkering with the controls allowing you to concentrate on what matters a lot more – the quality of the seal. As for cleaning the unit, super easy thanks to the entire stainless steel body. You can wipe away any spills or grime that accumulates inside the chamber or outside it.

Ease Of Use

Unlike many chamber vacuum sealers, this particular model does not tire due to repeated usage. We must have done over an hour of sealing just to see when the unit shuts down to cool but it never did. So if you are into food portioning and storage then this is an excellent chamber sealer to have. Yup, it is slightly expensive, like 25% more but it pays back over the course of ownership because of the sturdy nature and its simplified operations. Once you get the hang of sealing, understand the nuances (the instruction manual makes this easy), operating this machine is a real charm.

Warranty And Replacements

Up until early 2015, PolyScience did not have good warranty or customer support reviews. But then Breville took over this company and since the reviews have been pouring in on their impressive replacement and warranty cover. Damaged something while testing your unit within the warranty period? Have it repaired free of cost and if it happens to be a manufacturing defect, get an immediate replacement too! Yup, no need to worry about warranty or replacement because the Breville promise works on PolyScience too.


The Piston Pump on the PolyScience 300 is not noisy at all and it needs no oiling either. Compared to many other units, this particular chamber sealer is actually quite silent while being tough too. Stainless steel construction ensures minimal wear and probably is a major reason why you can use it continuously even over an hour.

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PolyScience 300 Series
Functional Versatility8.5
Ease of Use10
Sturdy and well built, it may seem like an odd machine to have in your kitchen but when it comes to doing what it was designed for, nothing can beat the PolyScience 300 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. Simple operation, a good manual to get you started and thier customer service backing you at every step – this sealer justifies its higher price tag.

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