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​Seal-A-Meal VS107 Review

Last Updated September, 2023 

"Easy-to-use vacuum food sealer locks in freshness and flavor."



Seal-A-Meal VS107




​Ease of Use

​The Seal-A-Meal’s VS107 is an entry-level vacuum sealer designed primarily for casual vacuum sealing needs. Its lightweight feature and uncomplicated design make it perfect for a small counter-top use and busy kitchens.

While the one-touch operation and easy handling do make the appliance well suited to initial vacuum sealing endeavors, the VS107’s technical and conceptual flaws can get nerve-wracking for some users.

  • Pros: Comes with a hose attachment, easy operation, and decent price.
  • Cons: Problem with the hands-free indicator, work rate is low on thick or large bags.

About the Seal-A-Meal VS107


​The VS107 features right up there with some of the smaller models out there. Sadly, the appliance cannot function without an external power supply and therefore isn’t portable. But, we did try sealing a variety of items apart from food products, and in that respect found it quite easy to transport the vacuum sealer from one room of the house to the other.

Functional Versatility

The VS107 does not have an internal slot for housing bag roll and therefore is ideally suited to work with pre-cut vac bags. However, if you are hell-bent on using bag rolls, then you could cut out the desired length using a pair of scissors and seal one of the two open ends to create a bag. The appliance requires 20-30 seconds of cool-down time between each bag.

With the package, you also receive an accessory hose and attachment module. The hose goes into the accessory port situated towards the right side of the appliance face. This can be used on specialized jar attachments for vacuum sealing mason jars or other attachments found on the lids of vacuum seal-able canisters and plastic containers.

Furthermore, when working the VS107 on a large volume of bags or canisters, you’ll need to give it a rest of 20-30 minutes after a batch of 12-20 bags otherwise it overheats the internal mechanism producing inconsistent results.


​Stainless steel construction anyone? Is there any other way to make something bombproof? We think not. Yup, it is big and bulky, takes a lot of space but the design is such that you can do a lot with it. Simple controls with just three pre-set buttons reduce the amount of time you spend tinkering with the controls allowing you to concentrate on what matters a lot more – the quality of the seal. As for cleaning the unit, super easy thanks to the entire stainless steel body. You can wipe away any spills or grime that accumulates inside the chamber or outside it.

Ease Of Use

The VS107 has a simple design and a flatbed orientation. The top face features a single button (Cancel/Open) in the middle and has two light indicators on either side. The light on the right is the Hands-Free indicator which lights up to lets you know when you remove your hands from the lid whereas the seal indicator is to the left.

The VS107 has a lid that swings up to expose the inside of the appliance. Around the outer perimeter, you’ll find the seal strip followed by vacuum port and removable drip tray as you move inwards. The lower gasket surrounds the vacuum port with a mirroring upper gasket fixed on the lid. The seal gasket clamps the neck of the plastic bag nicely against the seal strip when the lid is closed.

Warranty And Replacements

The VS107 comes with a 1-year limited warranty​ from the manufacturer. You may purchase an extended warranty from a third party service provider like Square Trade, but be sure to read the T&C documents before you do so.

Parts like the rubber gasket, heat seal strip, and removable drip tray can be purchased as replacements from the Seal-A-Meal website, department stores selling the products or online shopping portals like Amazon and eBay. However, actually finding one that isn’t out of stock can be quite difficult.


​Both the drip tray and the rubber gaskets need to be cleaned from time to time to ensure proper functioning of the appliance for a longer period. While the drip tray may be placed in a dishwater, the gaskets need to clean by hand using a wet cloth and dried properly before reattaching them into their appropriate places in the appliance

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Seal-A-Meal VS107
Functional Versatility5.5
Ease of Use9
The Seal-A-Meal VS107 is at best an appliance meant for casual use. While it performs well with smaller sized bags of lesser thickness, it fails miserably in both the vacuum creation as well as the sealing departments when larger or thicker bags are used. However, if you are a beginner with less than average sealing needs, then the VS107 proves to be a good, cheap and easy option to get a taste of the whole vacuum sealing process.

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