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​SealerSales TC-280F Review

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SealerSales TC-280F




​Ease of Use

The SealerSales TC-280F is a sturdy chamber vacuum sealing machine built of stainless steel and is good for several years of use. Ideal for vacuum sealing pouches that are used in various industries including small electronics, pharmaceuticals, food etc. this equipment is also good for sealing in solid items such as food items, groceries, and pharmaceuticals, as well as liquids. 

Being industrial grade, it will handle sealing at extreme pressures so use only bags that are compatible with the unit. The machine has an effective and air-tight lid made of reinforced acrylic plastic that keeps the chamber vacuumized while in use. With a maximum seal length of 11.8 inches it has a chamber depth of 2” by 3.7”, and the vacuum chamber itself measuring 14.1 inches in length and 15.1 inches in width. Moreover, it features a durable seal bar made out of tough aluminum that keeps the chamber airtight at all times. In short, the SealerSales TC-280F is meant for industrial grade commercial applications.

About the SealerSales TC-280F


At near 100 pounds, this isn’t exactly a portable vacuum sealer but then again neither are any competent chamber sealers portable by design. The good news though is that this vacuum sealer makes up for the lack of portability with its ability to seal continuously anything and everything without ever overheating or damaging the vacuum bags. You really need to find a spot in your kitchen that this vacuum sealer will eventually end up eating up for its entire lifespan.

Functional Versatility

The SealerSales TC-280F is ideal for a range of packaging tasks and can be used not for dry solid items, but also for wet items without worrying about leakage or an improper seal. There is no need to use any external compressor as everything is built into the machine, making it compact. The sealing takes between 15 and 30 seconds and the machine is capable of sealing several pouches at a stretch. Best of all, it can seal anything at as much pressure necessary.


The ​SealerSales TC-280F is tough and durable enough to handle various sealing tasks, yet easy to operate even by a layman. Just stick to the instructions and you will be fine. Granted this beast is like none other but it isn’t all that different operation wise. Thankfully it is lightweight and portable considering its massive size and can be set up within a matter of minutes.

Ease Of Use

The highlight of this chamber vacuum sealer is probably the incredible ease with which it operates. You need to simply place the pouch in the chamber, with the open edge of the pouch lying across the sealing bar, shut the lid and press start. It does the rest automatically beeping when the job is done. If you wish to repeat the task, simply start all over again and this time you won’t have to re-enter the parameters for sealing as it remembers the last program.

Warranty And Replacements

The chamber vacuum sealer comes with free tech support year round, should anything go wrong. This offer is effective on purchase from the ABC office and the technical team is available for troubleshooting on the phone or through chat support online. If necessary a technician can pay a visit to your workplace to troubleshoot problems although this facility is not available everywhere. You will have to confirm from their service department whether it is available in your zone.


A chamber vacuum sealer is not a very complicated piece of equipment, and this makes it easy not only to use but to maintain in good working condition as well. This particular unit does not require much maintenance other than regular replenishment of vacuum bags and occasional cleaning of the heating bar and chamber interior.

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SealerSales TC-280F
Functional Versatility9.5
Ease of Use6
To sum it all up the SealerSales TC-280F is a very handy chamber vacuum sealer and pretty easy to use. While the machine is recommended for commercial purpose and the pricing suggests the same, it can be used in place of a conventional vacuum sealer if you intend to seal a lot many things at once. The SealerSales TC-280F is CE certified, and built according to industrial standards, assembled in the United States, tested before being dispatched and safe to use. Some components, like the vacuum pump, is designed and built in Italy. In short, it is a reliable, sturdily built, long-lasting vacuum sealer that ought to satisfy even the most prolific needs one may have.

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