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VacMaster DUO550 Vacuum Sealer

Last Updated September, 2022 

"Professional chamber vacuum seal liquids and wet foods."



VacMaster DUO550




Ease of Use

As the name suggests, this vacuum sealer is sort of a hybrid. Naturally, you get to do a lot more with the VacMaster DUO550 but it does come with some limitations trying to be the jack of all trades. With an in-built chamber it seals pouches perfectly and with a suction sealing bar, it does well with larger food bags that may contain liquids.

One of the first things that take you back with the DUO550 is how it does with sealing whole broccoli, pork ribs, cabbage, and steak. If you feel you need more area than the chamber, go external but in our view, sticking to the chamber gives the best results.

  • Pros: Stylish and compact, marinade mode, canister sealing capability.
  • Cons:Cost is a deterrent.

About the VacMaster DUO550 Vacuum Sealer


Chamber vacuum sealers tend to be heavy. The DUO550 happens to be more than a chamber sealer so naturally, it is quite heavy at about 40 lbs and measuring at around 22 cubic inches, it is anything but compact. Thankfully, the design is flatter than taller so it should fit well under kitchen cabinets, slide deeper into recesses when not in use. Thankfully, its design is sleek and smooth so sitting idly on your kitchen counter-top, it should be an attraction in itself.

Functional Versatility

One simply cannot get any more versatile than the DUO550. From charcuterie items, sausages to mushy products like yams and mashed potatoes – sealing is super effective and easy. Because this is a hybrid between the two types of vacuum sealers, you actually don’t have the negatives associated with either type. Want to seal liquids rely on the external seal bar position. Sealing solids? Go with the chamber portion of the device. Regardless of what you seal, expect a leak-proof efficient job always.

VacMaster DUO550 Vacuum Sealer


From afar one might confuse the DUO550 for a desk-jet printer! It is that techno-savvy in its appearance. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that this is a chamber vacuum sealer, but wait – is that a slit to take in a bag roll on the outside? That’s the moment one realizes that this is more than just an average sealer – it packs and seals in two different ways allowing consumers to choose what they prefer depending on the substance or item they are sealing away. Nothing beats the VacMaster DUO550 vacuum sealer in terms of design.

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Ease Of Use

With an intuitive touchscreen, operating the DUO550 is rather simple. Depending on whether you choose the external sealing area or the chamber, the settings apply accordingly – so you need not fiddle much with the touch controls. As for the operations itself, the sealing cycle is short and can easily accommodate 30 to 40 bags per half hour cycle. Just pick the vacuum strength and seal duration, opt for marination or otherwise and begin sealing. Be it bags, pouches or sealing rolls, operating this machine is pretty simple.

Warranty And Replacements

The VacMaster DUO550 Suction Vacuum Sealer & Chamber Sealer is covered by a one year warranty of a limited nature, similar to what you find with any other vacuum sealer in the same price bracket.


As far as maintenance or repair costs go, you only have to worry about replacing the seal bar once it runs its duration. Thankfully, the motor and remaining components are built rather well and should not falter over years of operation.

We have had this sealer for over 3 months now and regularly tested it on fishing trips, grocery packing and more. All we see is slight wear and tear of the seal bar but otherwise, the body shows no signs of fatigue. It seems just as attractive and shiny as the first day of use.

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VacMaster DUO550 Vacuum Sealer
Functional Versatility9.5
Ease of Use9.5
Not much to worry about, simple to use, touch controls and the option to seal externally or internally makes the DUO550 chamber & external sealer hybrid a must-have in any kitchen that deals with sous-vide or otherwise. Among the many units we have reviewed thus far, this is probably one of the standout machines for us. You simply won’t regret purchasing this device.

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