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​VacMaster VP215 Review

Last Updated September, 2023 

"​Heavy-duty yet easy to use, the VP215 extends food's shelf life up to five times longer."



VacMaster VP215




​Ease of Use

It is certain that each one of us has experienced food spoilage and has either suffered from upset tummy or food poisoning or at the least wastage of food since you had to throw it away. It can be very annoying and sometimes proper storage seems a big botheration. To rescue you from these troubles bring the VacMaster VP215 and experience a difference.

High on efficiency and very easy to use, the VacMaster VP215 is ideal for homes as well as small commercial eateries. Made of strong stainless steel, it has digital display and pressure indicators for your convenience and can perfectly seal liquids as well. Additionally, it comes with several storage bags of various sizes, which can be used as per your requirement. This is a perfect replacement for all your containers, which not only take up a lot of space but also have problems with lid replacements, breakage, etc. With the VacMaster VP215, all you have to do is just seal and store.

About the VacMaster VP215


Being a chamber sealer, the VacMaster VP 215 isn’t exactly petite neither is it truly portable but if you happen to need a chamber sealer at your friend’s place or at your work, it can be moved, albeit with a lot of backbreaking effort. As far as chamber sealers go, this is compact enough.

Functional Versatility

The VacMaster VP 215 is extremely flexible in its functionality. From steaks, fish, meat, sausages to fruits, veggies, soups, sauces, stews to grains, flour, etc. The ​VacMaster VP215 can seal anything into a pouch. It is also ideal for sous-vide cooking. It can seal almost everything in a pouch, as long as the content to be stored doesn’t protrude out or doesn’t create holes in the storage bag. Although it does not have an extension attached to seal jars or containers, it seals things in the storage bags to perfection.

VacMaster VP215 sealer


The VacMaster VP 215 is made of solid stainless steel, which makes it is quite heavy. This hinders its frequent movement from one place to another. Measuring 20 x 14 x 15 inches in size, it is fairly large and needs a committed space for storage. It is perfect for use in the kitchen at home or in small restaurants or commercial establishments. In short, it isn’t really for large-scale packaging or bigger establishments.

Ease Of Use

The VacMaster VP 215 is very easy to use and operates through a very simple process, which is why we rate it as one of our best vacuum sealers. The first step is to place the content in the sealing bag, open the lid of the sealer, place the pouch as directed with the opening tucked into the seal bar and close the lid. The chamber will suck out all the air and create a void within the bag, leaving absolutely no air inside. When the pressure is released it makes a sound, indicating that the process is complete, which takes barely a few seconds. Since the lid is transparent, the entire process can be easily viewed. Make sure not to over-fill the bag, this may cause spilling.

Warranty And Replacements

The VacMaster VP 215 comes with a limited one year warranty. It is delivered with excellent packaging, where the machine is double boxed, covered with saran wrap and tightly foam packed so that no damaged is caused during shipping or delivery. In case of any damage or breakage of any part, the same will be replaced. However, during the replacement part being shipped, shipping will not be free of charge.


Maintenance is very easy as it comes with a maintenance kit and changing the oil of the pump is also not a tough task. Additionally, since the VacMaster VP 215 comes with different sizes of storage bags, it not only proves to be economical but also is a more convenient option. Remember to add oil to the machine when using it for the first time. Since the sealer is quite heavy, trying to move it frequently wouldn’t be the brightest thing to do.

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VacMaster VP215
Functional Versatility7.5
Ease of Use10
Overall, the VacMaster VP 215 is a solution to your kitchen storage problems. You can get rid of all those flimsy plastic containers and substitute them with efficient vacuum sealed bags. In addition to taking less storage space and keep food fresh for a longer time, the VacMaster VP 215 flawlessly seals liquids without any leakage. Being slightly on the heavier side it is not quite portable but is surely easy to operate and maintain. It is ideal to store raw meat or marinate food to infuse strong flavors or simply storing portions of food. The VacMaster VP 215 is certainly worth the money spent.

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