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"​Stainless Steel Case, Beautiful Eye Appealing Design."



Vacupack Elite




Ease of Use

Designed and made in Italy, the Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer is modified for sale in the United States. Modifications ensure a consistent seal with any bag, be it wet or dry with a high-quality heat bar. Vacupack is a well-respected brand name in the vacuum sealer world with a good 25 years of experience building quality machines.

Quite naturally, it is the reliability and durability of this brand name that makes it a worthy investment. This particular model boasts of a 2-year warranty and 5-year extended service contract, which is yet unheard of in the consumer grade vacuum sealer industry.

  • Pros: ​Long warranty, 50 bags per session, versatile, efficient and the best external sealer.
  • Cons: Large in size, takes longer to cool, not portable.

About the Vacupack Elite


With the oblong crimping heating bar separated from the main unit that houses the motor and pump, it takes up a larger footprint than usual weighing at least twice an average vacuum sealer. Furthermore, since it requires AC power at all times, the Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer isn’t exactly a portable unit. At best it can be used in RVs and the likes but don’t expect to take it along on road trips or other places. This is a heavy and bulky sealer designed for consumer use.

Functional Versatility

Some have complained that it is slow, big and heavy that works well only when the heating slab is pushed down. However, one needs to understand that it is highly versatile in its functioning and hence needs a bit of time to achieve its miraculous feat. To start with, it accepts both wet and dry bags because of the unique design of the crimping heat bar that works perfectly on the first attempt to seal wet bags. Together, the motor and pump manage a good 26 to 27 hg pressure and work with any kind of textured bag and since the sealer uses a soft jaw, it is very bag friendly. In short, this sealer accepts all bag materials and so you, the consumer can decide what type, size and kind to use. Additionally, it comes with Vacupack Sous Vide bags specially designed in Italy.

This sealer also works well with jars and containers using the vacuum port and external vacuum hose. As for the exact type of bags to use, 4 mils and 3 mil standard textured bag rolls work fine. You can also use precut sizes regardless of its dimensions.


Inspired by Chamber vacuum sealers used in professional kitchens, the Vacupack Elite vacuum sealer uses a two-part design with the major weight taken up by the motor and pump housing that also holds the controls and a connected front end that houses the sealing heat bars. The entire unit is enclosed in a sleek stainless steel exterior, which resists dust and grime accumulation and maintains its appeal for the entire 5 years of its service contract, plus more.

Furthermore, the heat seals measure around 12.5 inches over the face of the machine and it uses Italian grade piston pumps with a moisture filter between the sealing bar and the motor/pump housing to help keep the motor dry even when sealing wet items.

Because of the division of space between the heating bar and the motor unit, some would say that this is a chamber sealer but I classify it as an external sealer simply because it keeps most of the bag outside with just the head securely positioned under the heating bar.

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Ease Of Use

Some might say that the Vacupack Elite is an obnoxiously slow machine and needs a bit of pressure on top but I did not find such complications with this vacuum sealer. If anything, it is actually one of the easiest external sealers to use. All you have to do is protect against jagged edges when sealing anything that may puncture the bags by using a paper bag first and place the mouth of the vacuum bag inside the crimping heat bar. Choose the option from the six available choices based on whether you are sealing wet or dry products and the capacity, press start and wait for the sealing to finish. It is that simple.

I have managed to seal around 40 bags per session after which, the unit gets hot and needs a good 10 minutes cool down time. This translates to about 50 bags per hour, which in my books is obscenely fast!

Warranty And Replacements

A first in the consumer vacuum sealer industry, Vacupack Elite comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty that covers every possible kind of defect and a 5-year service contract that gives you, the user, peace of mind knowing that any damage will be taken care off with the only extra investment being spare parts.


Maintaining this little beauty is easy. After the device cools down, make sure to wipe the crimping heat bar clean and free of any liquid deposits. That is all you need to take care of. And if you don’t overfill bags with wet stuff, this sealer should last a lifetime.

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Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer
Functional Versatility9
Ease of Use10
The Vacupack Elite is a prosumer grade vacuum sealer designed to handle wet, dry and canister sealing. With an ergonomic and durable design, excellent performance and high functionality this is a sealer that you can depend on. In short, if your freezer holds a lot of vacuum bags, if you prefer vacuum sealing anything and everything then this sealer is made exclusively for you. Although it isn’t commercial grade, one could use it for the same.

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