Vacuum Sealer Buyer’s Guide

So, you have read about all the amazing abilities afforded by a vacuum sealer with respect to perishable food (and other inedible items), and are now convinced about buying a model. But, before you do, you should ideally ascertain the role of such an appliance in your daily life. In other words, will this vacuum sealer be an appliance of convenience or necessity? Hopefully, the information offered below can help you arrive at an answer to this question that’s befitting of your personal requirements.

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Here we discuss two of the main variables you should consider that will help you decide which vacuum sealer will do the job you need…

Assess Your Sealing Requirements!

As a consumer, it’s important to set a purchase budget after considering your sealing needs and not the other way round. For instance, if there is a large volume of food products that need packaging, then opt for professional grade vacuum sealers. These appliances will allow you to control a lot of parameters like the ones mentioned in the previous section.

But, if your vacuum sealing need is limited to a couple of food items every day or the once-a-week grocery then a domestic model will suit your requirements quite well. Here again, you have two choices – counter-top and portable models.

Like the name suggests, counter-top food sealers are relatively heavy appliances that go atop your kitchen counter. Different models come with their own set of bells and whistles. But for the most part, these food sealers offer good vacuum and sealing strength necessary for increasing the shelf life of frozen foods.

Conversely, portable, battery operated models offer a light weight alternative, which makes them easy to carry around. The vacuum quality while insufficient for standard freezing, it’s  just enough to increase the shelf life of perishable food stored in the ice box. As such, those who like camping or fishing for that matter would find this facet much to their liking.

External Vs. Internal Sealers

The aspect of removing all the air out of a vacuum-able bag before heat sealing it, can either take place inside a vacuum sealer or outside it.

The former is called a chamber type vacuum sealer where bag  with the item to be sealed are placed inside a vacuum chamber and the lid is closed. So, everything from the vacuum creation to the sealing of the bag take place inside the sealer. As a result, these sealers produce the exact amount of vacuum within a bag and are therefore better suited for high-volume packaging.

On the other hand, an external sealer, whether it uses clamping technology or retractable nozzle, will only require the bag opening to go into the appliance. So, in a way, both the air removal from the bag and its sealing happen while most of the bag stays outside the machine. Although, external sealers don’t produce such high degree of vacuum strength, they do nevertheless feature a lot of other functional aspects that make them great for infrequent home use.

Other Factors To Consider

Vac-bags, external attachments and maintenance-friendliness  are the other factors that you would need to look at when considering to buy a vacuum sealer.

While some counter-top models will work best with proprietary bags of a certain size and make, others can accept polyethylene bag rolls that can be purchased for cheap from your local department store. Nevertheless, this factor will feature as a recurring cost and therefore needs to be considered seriously.

Furthermore, special attachments that connect to the air suctioning component of the vacuum sealer will allow you to seal jars and canisters thereby increasing their functional value . Similarly, features like anti-drip tray or dishwasher- friendliness will help in keeping the appliance clean and operational for longer. All these factors will eventually affect the overall price of the appliance and therefore your choice in this matter.

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