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Vacuum Sealing For Your Bike Ride​

Last Updated September, 2023 

​Are you preparing for a motorcycle journey that stretches beyond 300 miles? Maybe you have always dreamt of such a trip but never really understood what it takes. And even if you just landed up on this post out of curiosity, the same techniques are applicable on any travel or journey – especially into the wilderness or the open expanses of country touring.

Obviously, you need a vacuum sealer but why? Moreover, what can you achieve with a vacuum sealer? A lot of things!


​Yup, you can waterproof your apparels, cosmetics, bike spares and a lot of other things. Even if your saddlebags are waterproof, your backpack and other items are waterproof, you never can be a hundred percent sure. By vacuum sealing clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, and other items, you prevent rain from becoming a deterrent to your travel plans. As long as you have your raincoat on, your GPS fully charged, go on the road and worry no more about your luggage – it will be dry as the summer baked soil.

vacuum sealing for bike rides

More Space

Clothes rolled or folded take up space but when you vacuum seal them, creases do not exist and they take up as little space as possible since air is completely removed from the bags. This lets you cram in more stuff than you generally can into your saddle bags.


​First aid kits, your undies, and socks all stay hygienic and fresh, almost as if you took them out of the washer recently if you vacuum seal. First aid kits can last a really long time and your innerwear will be as comfortable as wearing them at home.

Just three but pretty vital reasons why vacuum sealing your luggage for the trip ahead is important. Just as you invest into riding gear based on the season, vacuum sealing can help make the trip memorable too. Remember to take food zip lock pouches since on your trip back you won’t have the benefit of a vacuum sealer (unless you have a friend at the end of your journey with one!).

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