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How To Vacuum Seal Mylar Bags For Prolonged Preservation​

Last Updated September, 2023 

​Sealing Mylar bags can be a very stressful process for many especially those who are brand new to the concept of vacuum sealing. Being able to keep or store food for long hours is one of the best ways to make sure you do not run out of food in the home and that, you are always eating healthy stuff. Vacuum sealing is not a difficult process but the best bags need to be used in order to achieve consistent results. This is where Mylar bags come handy because of their price and preservation ability.

vacuum sealing with mylar bags

​To start the process, put your grains or cereal in Mylar bags. Because these bags are big, you will need to make sure you put it in a bucket to hold it under for you.

​After you do that, make sure you seal it with the sealer. Start by sealing it on one side of the bag into a triangular shape then, you do that to the other side. When you seal all triangle edges, you can make a second seal just in case the first one fails you.

​After that, use sharp scissors to trim the outer edges on all sides.

​Now since it cannot fit perfectly into the sealer, you can use a steel fishing leader to help make sure it fits properly.

​Make sure the sealer is oxygenated before you put the Mylar bag inside.

​Then, pull out the air by pressing the canister button.

​The process will compress all the air inside the Mylar bag with the grains and also pull all the air out. Wait for all the air to be sucked out and then turn the canister off.

​Open it slightly for the air to come out then take the steel fishing leader out.

​After that, close the sealer again and reseal it.

The method described above is possible only with a large 5 gallon Mylar bag using a compact sealer only. The process doesn’t require the use of irons as the end result is sealed and vacuumed Mylar bag that will preserve anything for long. This procedure works for all brands of Mylar bags and with most food items. Fine powdered foods such as baking powder, cocoa, and others need to be placed in a zip lock bag initially if possible to prevent the powder from being taken or sucked into the sealer.

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